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Biohazard Cleanup & Removal

While modern conveniences can make our lives easier, they can also oftentimes pose the risk of the exposure of biohazards when things malfunction. When this happens, lives are put at risk, and it is necessary to have them cleaned up professionally and as quickly as possible. Whether your home or business in the has experienced a sewage backup, chemical spill or some other type of trauma, the sooner you call on the services of Umbrella Property Damage, the better.


When we think of a biohazardous situation, we often confine our thoughts to a crime scene. While many of them do occur as the result of a meth lab, the exposure of tear gas, or some other type of criminal activity, there are a number of other situations that can put even the most well-to-do individuals at immediate risk of exposure including:

  • Accidental release of blood-borne pathogens

  • Animal waste remains

  • Accidental chemical spills

When left unattended, these situations can become dangerous and even life-threatening. Our Morgan Hill based staff understands the risks, and we have the tools, knowledge, and protective gear to get to the root of the problem and return the area to its once safe state. We will travel to  you, anywhere in the area. Even up to San Francisco; no problem.


Whether you are certain you have a situation in which a biohazard exists or just suspect that may be the case, you owe it to yourself to have a professional inspection. We have been in the business long enough to be able to confidently identify these situations, and we jump into action to ensure the health of anyone occupying the office or residence. We are in the business of protecting our clients, and we make it our goal to eradicate any problem quickly, so pick up the phone and schedule an appointment today.

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